• APTS will process all Tenders through ap-eprocurement online platform of GOAP
  • APTS will process all APTS tenders online through apeprocurement platform of GoAP. All the bidders are requested to obtain PKI class-II Digital Signature Certificates (D.S.C.) to participate in APTS Tenders. Bidders are requested to obtain the D.S.C. and the minimum time required to process the D.S.C. application is one week.
1) Open Competitive Bid
Tender Call Notice for “Selection of Service Provider for provision of various Bandwidth services (Internet Leased Lines / Broadband) to SDWAN Project, ITE&C Dept., GoAP"
Tender document
Letter to Bidders-Dt-03-05-2019
Annexure -Prebid clarifications
Letter to Bidders-Dt-08-05-2019
Letter to Bidders-Dt-16-05-2019
Letter to Bidders-Dt-23-05-2019
* Bid submission closing date and time extended to Dt.03-06-2019 @ 3.00pm.