Selection of Service Provider For Development, Maintenance, Integration of Applications including GST Modules, Data/Business Analytics Software ,VATIS , Major, Minor and Other Applications For Commercial Taxes Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada.
Tender document
APCTD - VATIS - Published Prebid Minutes 18032020
* Bid submission extended to 17-04-2020, 3PM
2) Open Competitive Bid
Selection of Consultant for Investment Promotion and Development of Startups for the IT, Electronics and Communications (IT, E&C) Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh
* Pre-bid meeting postponed to 01.04.2020, 5 PM due to countrywide lock down. Any firm wants participate, please send quarries through mail. *Mail IDs:jd-itpromotions-itc@ap.gov.in, shobhanbabu.m@gov.in’
3) Open Competitive Bid (OCB)
Selection of Service Provider for Citizen Experience Management Services (Call Centre) to the Government of Andhra Pradesh
* Pre-bid Meeting Date and Time: 27-03-2020, 11.30AM
  • APTS will process all APTS tenders online through apeprocurement platform of GoAP. All the bidders are requested to obtain PKI class-II Digital Signature Certificates (D.S.C.) to participate in APTS Tenders. Bidders are requested to obtain the D.S.C. and the minimum time required to process the D.S.C. application is one week.

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