• APTS will process all Tenders through ap-eprocurement online platform of GOAP
  • APTS will process all APTS tenders online through apeprocurement platform of GoAP. All the bidders are requested to obtain PKI class-II Digital Signature Certificates (D.S.C.) to participate in APTS Tenders. Bidders are requested to obtain the D.S.C. and the minimum time required to process the D.S.C. application is one week.
Pre-Bid Clarifications
Pre-Bid Clarifications - Annexure(s)
Pre-Bid Clarifications - Addendum-2
Download BG format
* Pre-Bid Clarifications Addendum_2 Hosted. *Online Bid Submission Date & Time extended to 18.09.2017, 03.00pm (Final Extension) (Online Tender ID:140882) *Download BG format
2) Tender Call Notice
Tender Call Notice for “Procurement of Video Conference Equipment on Rate Contract basis for Various Govt. Departments, AP."
VC Equipment for Rate Contract basis_RFP
Prebid minutes
Ltr to Bidders-Addendum
Ltr to Bidders-Addendum
* Bid submission closing date extended upto Dt-22-09-2017
3) Tender call notice for
Tender call notice for Supply of Consumables & Cartridges on Rate Contract basis for a period of one year
RFP Document
* Bid Submission date & time 16-08-2017 at 14. 30 Hours
4) Open Competitive Bid (OCB)
Selection of System Integrator (SI) for Supply, Configuration of CORE Platform and Services under ePragati of GoAP
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RFP_Vol_I Scope of Work
RFP_VoL_I Scope of Work - Annexure-A Part-1
RFP_VoL_I Scope of Work - Annexure-A Part-2
RFP_VoL_I Scope of Work - Annexure-A Part-3
RFP_VoL_I Scope of Work - Annexure-A Part-4
RFP_Vol_III Contract Agreement
RFP_Vol_II Commercial and Bidding Terms
Letter to Prospective Bidders - Pre-Bid Clarifications
Pre-Bid Clarifications - ANNEXURE-A (Volume-I, Volume-II, Volume-III & General)
Letter to Prospective Bidders - Addendum-2
Pre-Bid Clarifications - Addendum-2 ANNEXURE-A (Volume-II, Volume-III & General)
Advisory Note
PQ Evaluation Sheet
TQ Evaluation Sheets
Letter to Prospective Bidders - Addendum-3
Annexure-D - Hackathon_Schedule
Annexure-D - Hackathon Information
* Bid submission date and time Extended to 25.09.2017, 11:00 AM (Online Tender ID:139403) *Pre-Bid Clarifications - Addendum-3 Hosted (Check the Advisory Note) *(Please furnish filled-in PQ & TQ excel sheets at the time of respective Bid Opening Stage)
5) Cyber Security Assurance & Compliance
Tender Call Notice for Request for Proposal for Empanelment of Agencies for Cyber Security Assurance & Compliance in the State of Andhra Pradesh
Cyber Security Assurance
Audit RFP Pre_Bid_Meeting_Clarifications
* Last Date and Time for Submission of Bids dt.03-10-2017 at 14:00 hrs
6) Cyber Security AP-SOC
Tender Call Notice for Request for Proposal for Andhra Pradesh Cyber Security Operation Center (AP-SOC) services in the State of Andhra Pradesh
* RFP will be uploaded in www.apeprocurement.gov.in website after pre-bid meeting.
7) Open Competitive Bid (OCB)
"Open Competitive Bid (OCB) For Rate Contract for IT and IT Related Goods and Services (Hardware, Software, Networking etc)."
* "Bid Submission date is postponed and will be intimated along with the pre-bid minutes".
8) Open Competitive Bid (OCB)
"Invitation for Open Competitive Bid (OCB) for Procurement of STQC certified Iris Biometric Devices for the Chief Executive Officer, Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), AP, Hyderabad".
RFP Document
* "Pre-bid Meeting date and time: 18-04-2016, 12PM".
9) Open Competitive Bid (OCB)
"Open Competitive Bid (OCB) for Tender call notice for Design, development and implementation of SMARTCOP mobile application along with the installation GPS devices on all the patrolling and blue cots vehicles for office of the Inspector General Of Police (Provisioning & Logistics), AP Police Hqrs., Andhra Pradesh Police. ".
RFP Document
* "Pre-bid Conference date and time : 13.07.2016, 11.30AM".
10) Tender Call Notice
Tender Call Notice for “Identification of Service Provider for provision of Facility Management and Maintenance Services for Video Conference Equipment across AP for ITE&C Department, Govt. of AP”.
* "Bid submission date and time is extended and revised Bid submission date and time shall be intimated shortly along with RFP document and Bill of quantity details".