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Procurement of Computer Hardware
Application software Development
Customer Support Services
Spreading Computer awareness-Training
In-house training programs
Consultancy services
Implementation of infrastructure projects such as APSWAN
AP State Video Conferencing facility SP Broad band Network, APNET, APSCAN etc.
Tender Notifications:
APTS will process all APTS tenders online through e-procurement platform of GoAP. All the bidders are requested to obtain PKI class-II Digital Signature Certificates (D.S.C.) to participate in APTS Tenders. Bidders are requested to obtain the D.S.C. and the minimum time required to process the D.S.C. application is one week.
"ePragati Brochure". Download
"Sale of e-Pragati Vision Document". Procedure Download
  "Request for Empanelment (RFE) of Agencies for Integration of Different Applications with e Governance System (under Digital India) by NeGD, Govt of India"  RFE Download
"All the interested Agencies/System Integrators are requested to make a note and participate in this RFE process".
1.  Request for Proposal for Selection of Device cum IT Technology Experts for GoAP Departments. Download
"Bid closing time 01.07.2016 at 3.00PM".
2.  Tender called for "Request for Proposal for Selection of Partner for Setting up Andhra Pradesh Digital Company Pvt. Ltd. For Education & Skill Development" .
AP Digital Company - Education Sector Volume-I Download
AP Digital Company - Education Sector Volume-II Download
Bid submission closing date and given as 02-07-2016 @ 3PM
3.  "Request for proposal for Manpower on BI & Analytics activities GoAP Departments."  Download
" Bid closing time 25.06.2016 at 3.00 PM".
4.  "Procurement of tablet based Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance Systems for Various departments of GoAp."  Download
Corrigendum-I Download
Corrigendum-II Download
" Bid submission closing date : 23-06-2016, 3.00 PM".
5.  " Tender Call Notice for Procurement of digital library equipment, Wireless E-Class room solutions, Wifi & Campus network equipment, Security & Attendance, Desktop Computers and Other items towards implementation of Smart campus in 35Nos Govt. Degree Colleges, CCE, GoAP.,".  Download
"Pre-bid Conference date and time : 16.05.2016, 11.30AM".
6.  "Open Competitive Bidding (OCB) - Procurement of Tablet based Biometric Attendance System for various departments of GoAP".  Download
Pre-Bid Clarifications Download
Corrigendum Download
"Bid submission date and time : 10-05-2016, 3.00PM".
7.  "Open Competitive Bid (OCB) - Procurement of DGPS Systems for the Commissioner, SS&LR, A.P., Hyderabad".  Download
" Pre-bid Clarifications ". Download
"Bid submission date and time : 10-05-2016, 3.00PM".
8.  "Invitation for Open Competitive Bid (OCB) for Procurement of STQC certified Iris Biometric Devices for the Chief Executive Officer, Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), AP, Hyderabad".  Download
"Pre-bid Meeting date and time: 18-04-2016, 12PM".
9.  "Open Competitive Bid (OCB) – Tender Call Notice for Identification of System Integrator for Implementation of Performance Management Packages under e-Pragati Programme for ITE&C Department, Govt. of A.P.”
Advertisement Download Download
“RFP is under preparation”.
"Date will be announced for Pre bid meeting".
10.  "Open Competitive Bid (OCB) - Tender Call Notice for Identification of System Integrator for Implementation of DataLytics Packages under ePragati Programme for ITE&C Department, Govt. of A.P".  Advertisement Download
DataLytics -Volume_I Download
DataLytics -Volume_II Download
DataLytics -Volume_III Download
"Pre-Bid Meeting postponed. Next Pre-Bid Meeting date will be announced. Bid submission date extended and shall be intimated shortly".
11.  "OCB - Tender Call Notice for Identification of Agency for Operations and Maintenance of Physical and IT Infrastructure of State Data Centre, ITE&C Department, GoAP & GoTS, located at Gachibowli, Hyderabad".  Download
RFP Download
Pre-Bid Clarifications Download
Format 5 Download
Format 6 Download
Cost Component Table Download
Addendum Download
Revised Format-5 Download
Revised Cost Component Table  Download
Addendum_2_11042016  Download
Addendum_3_13042016  Download
Revised Serial Numbers  Download
"Requested to download Serial Numbers, addendum_2, addendum_3, Revised Format-5 and Cost Components Table".
"Last Date & Time for Bid Submission is extended to 20.04.2016, 3.00pm at APTS".
12.  "Tender Call Notice for Selection of System Integrator for Implementation of Education Package under e-Pragati Programme".  Advertisement Download
Education_Package_Volume I _Final 26-02-2016 Download
Education_Package_Volume II _Final 26-02-2016 Download
Education_Package_Volume III _Final 26-02-2016 Download
Education_Package_Volume IV _Final 26-02-2016 Download
"Pre bid Minutes will be hosted shortly. Last date for bid submission will be extended to two weeks from the date of hosting of pre bid minutes".
13.  "Quotations Called for printing of Andhra Pradesh State Budget Publications and CD Duplication for the year 2016-17".  Download
14.  "Open Competitive Bid (OCB) - Tender Call Notice for Identification of System Integrator for Implementation of Primary Sector Packages under ePragati Programme for ITE&C Department, Govt. of A.P".  Advertisement Download
Revised Final RFP Vol_I Download
Revised Final RFP Vol_II Download
Revised Final RFP Vol_III Download
RFP Clarifications by Volume_I(1) Download
RFP Clarifications by Volume_II(2) Download
RFP Clarifications by Volume_III(3) Download
Addendum to Prebid Minutes Download
"The RFP Volume I, II and III are once again revised. Pl read along with RFP and clarifications for three volumes".
"Last date and time for bid submission is extended to 24.02.2016, 15.00Hrs on eProcurement Portal".
15.  "APTS invites tenders from prospective bidders for Selection of Service Provider for Development of Solution for Issue of Smart Cards & Insurance Claim Management for Unorganized Workers Enrolment, Support Centre for Claim Settlement Process–Labour Department, A.P Under Swiss Challenge Approach".  Download
Prebid Minutes Download
"Bid calling date: 17.10.2015".  
"Bid Closing date: 30.10.2015 at 3.00 P.M".  
16.  "Open Competitive Bid (OCB) For Rate Contract for IT and IT Related Goods and Services (Hardware, Software, Networking etc)."  Download
"Pre-bid Meeting for Group I items: 21-08-2015, 11.30AM".  
"Pre-bid Meeting for Group II items: 22-08-2015, 11.30AM".  
"Bid Submission date is postponed and will be intimated along with the pre-bid minutes".
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