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Procurement of Computer Hardware
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Spreading Computer awareness-Training
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Implementation of infrastructure projects such as APSWAN
AP State Video Conferencing facility SP Broad band Network, APNET, APSCAN etc.
Tender Notifications:
APTS will process all APTS tenders online through e-procurement platform of GoAP. All the bidders are requested to obtain PKI class-II Digital Signature Certificates (D.S.C.) to participate in APTS Tenders. Bidders are requested to obtain the D.S.C. and the minimum time required to process the D.S.C. application is one week.
1.  "Tender Call Notice for Identification of Consultancy Agency for Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and Establishment of Fiber Grid Corporation for GoAP” for ITE&C Department, GoAP, Hyderabad".   Download
"Pre-bid conference scheduled on 03-02-2015 @ 12 noon. Venue - O/o APTS, BRKR Bhavan, 4th Floor, Tank Bund Road, Hyderabad".
"Bid Submission date and time i.e 31-01-2015 @ 4.00 PM is extended and revised bid submission date and time will be intimated along with Prebid minutes".
2.  "Tender Call Notice for Procurement of Tablets for the Secretary, ITE&C Department, A.P., Hyderabad".   Download
"Bid submission date is postponed and will be informed along with pre-bid minutes".
3.  "Tender for Procurement of Computer Hardware & Other Items under Fixed Price System Basis for APTS".   Download
"Revised date & time of bid submission shall be informed along with Pre-bid Minutes".
4.  "Open Competitive Bid (OCB) for Procurement of Desktop Computers, Printers , UPS & Manpower for the Commissioner, PR&RE Department, GoAP".   Download
Pre-bid Minutes Download
"Bid submission date & time extended up to 25-11-2014, 4.00PM".
5.  "Procurement of Video Conference Equipment on Rate Contract Basis for ITE&C Dept.(GoAP)".   Download
"Prebid minutes along with bid submission date and time will be informed shortly.
6.  "Procurement of Electronic Total Station Machines for the Survey, Settlements and Land Records, GoAP”.   Download
Pre-bid Minutes Download
"Bid submission date and time: 19-11-2014, 4.00PM".
7.  "Request for Proposals (RFP) for identification of Enterprise Architect (Consultancy Agency) for “Design of State Enterprise Architecture for GoAP”.   Download
Pre-bid Minutes Download
"Bid submission date and time: 15-11-2014, 4.00PM".
8.  "Request for Proposals (RFP) for Selection of Service Provider for “Implementing AADHAR Enabled Public Distribution System (AePDS)” for Civil Supplies Department, GoAP".   Download
"Bid submission date and time: 15-10-2014, 4.00PM".
Pre-bid Minutes Download
2nd Amendment issued: Download
9.  "APTS invited sealed quotations for Printing of Andhra Pradesh Budget Publications for the year 2014-15".   Download
Newspaper advertisement Download
10.  "Open Competitive Bid (OCB) for Procurement of Desktop Computers, Printers and UPS for the VC & MD, AP State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. ".   Download
Pre-bid Minutes Download
"Bid submission due date and time: 23-07-2014, 4.00PM".
11.  " Tender Call Notice for Procurement of Desktop Computers, Printers and UPS for VC & MD, AP State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd for Telangana state".   Download
" Prebid Meeting is scheduled on 08/07/2014 at 12Noon ".
12.  "Open Competitive Bid (OCB) for Procurement of Servers & SAN System for the DR Sites of IGRS Department, AP, Hyderabad".   Download
Pre-bid Minutes Download
Amendment issued  Download
"Bid submission date and time: 09-07-2014, 4.00PM".
“Bid submission date is extended and will be informed along with clarifications to be issued”.
14.  “ Tender Call Notice for Supply & Installation of JBoss and PostgreSQL Software Products for E-District Project,ITE&C Department”.   Download
15.  “ Tender Call Notice for Rental of Plain paper copier- Copying of Files/Records/Documents for Government department/Corporations ”.   Download ,   News paper advertisement Download
16.  “Procurement of Laptop Computers for the Commissioner & Director of Agriculture Department, AP”.   Download
Pre-bid Minutes Download
"Due bid submission date is 10/03/2014, 3.00PM".
17.  “ Procurement of Desktop Computers and other items for the Commissioner, Tribal Welfare Department, A.P., Hyderabad”.   Download
" Pre-bid meeting date & time: 01-03-2014, 12.30PM".
18.  “ Tender Call Notice for Procurement of Desktop Computers, Printers and UPS for Model Schools, Director RMSA, Education Department, Andhra Pradesh”.   Download
Pre-bid Minutes Download
Pre bid minutes are uploaded and bid submission last date is 14.05.2014 at 3.00PM.
"In view of the urgency, requests from bidders for extension of bid submission date will not be considered and there will be no extension for bid submission date"
19.  “Tender Call Notice for Identification of Agency for Setting up of “Centralized Dial 100 Command & Control Centre” at State Head Quarters, Hyderabad for Effective Emergency Response System”.   Download
pre-bid clarifications Download
"Bid submission date is extended upto 03-03-2014 @ 3.00PM".
20.  "Tender called for Identification of Service Provider for Supply & Maintenance of Forensic Tools, Required Hardware & System Software Licenses to CID of Police, GoAP".   Download
pre-bid clarifications: Download
"Bid submission closing date and time is 20-02-2014 @ 3.00PM".
21.  Tender called for procurement of Servers and Databases for Meeseva Department, Hyderabad, AP.
"Tender was published on 11/1/2014 with pre-bid conference on 17-1-2014"
" Pre bid meeting is postponed, next date will be intimated later in the APTS web site.".
22.  “Tender Call Notice for Identification of Publisher for Supply & Installation of Software CD/DVDs containing Legal Data (Court Judgments, Case Laws, Law Journals & Acts etc.,)”.   Download
"Pre-bid Minutes" Download
"Bid closing Date on 27-01-2014 @ 03:30 PM".
23.  “Tender call for "Printing of Budget Publication and CD Replication for the Financial Year 2014-15 for Finance Department"”.
newspaper advartisement Download
Budget quotation Download
Budget Commercial bid Download
"The date and time of submission is 31-07-2014 at 15.00 Hours at O/o.APTS, 4th floor,BRKR Bhavan,Hyderabad".
24.  Tender Call Notice for Procurement of Laptops and LaserJet Printers for the Department of Prosecutions.   Download
Bid closing date and time : 18.01.2014, 3.00PM
25.  "Tender call notice for empanelment of Printers for Printing of Books on Rate contract basis for a period of One Year".   Download
Annexure-I - Single Colour Download
Annexure-II - Multicolour Printing Download
Last date of bid submission: 10-12-2013, 14.30 Hours
26.  "Tender call notice for the Procurement of Computer Hardware and Other Items under Fixed Price Contract Basis for Andhra Pradesh Government".   Download
Pre bid Minutes Download
Corrigendum Download
"Corrigendum is enclosed with revised schedule : Bid closing & Bid opening date/time are : 17/05/2014 03:00PM & 17/05/2014 03:30PM respectively" and " BIDDERS ARE REQUESTED TO NOTE THAT BIDS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED ON E-PROCUREMENT PORTAL ONLY".
27.  "Procurement of Desktop Computers, Laser Printers and UPS for the Commissioner, Women Development & Child Welfare Department, Andhra Pradesh ".   Download
Pre bid clarifications for the tender Download
Bid submission last date is: 13/12/2013, 3.00PM.
28.  "Procurement of Laptops and Printers for the Commissioner, Health, Medical and Family Welfare department, AP".   Download
Pre-bid minutes Download
Due bid submission date is extended upto 19/12/2013, 3.00PM
29.  "Procurement of UPS for the Director, Economics and Statistics, Hyderabad under APSSSP Project".   Download
"Pre Bid Minutes dt. 16.07.2013"  Download
" Revised due bid submission date : 22/07/2013, 3.00PM".
30.  "Tender Call Notice for Procurement of Inverters for ESD (Mee Seva) for CSCs"   Download
" Bid Submission Date is extended up to 20.07.2013 at 03:00pm".
" Pre Bid Minutes "  Download
31.  "Tender Call Notice for Consulting Services on Assessment of ‘Mee Seva’ Service Delivery Platform for Performance High Availability & Certainty of Delivery”   Download
"Bid Submission Date is Extended up to 05.08.2013 at 03:00pm".
Pre-bid minutes:  Download
32.  "Tender Call Notice for Open Competitive Bid (OCB) for Procurement of Desktop Computers, Laptops, MF Printers, UPS, LAN, Furniture Items, Projectors and Audio systems for MeeSeva Training Centers in RDO Offices under Phase-II”   Download
" Pre Bid Minutes dt. 10.07.2013"  Download
"Pre bid date 03-07-2013 at 12.30PM in conference hall, APTS".
" Revised due bid submission date : 16/07/2013, 3.00PM"
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